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M & W Communications, Inc. is a family owned business with 30+ years’ experience in the two-way radio communications industry. M & W is a business built on sound reputation and quality work. We offer solutions for a variety of markets and specialties including: State and Local Government, Emergency/Disaster Preparedness (including but not limited to Police, Fire, Rescue), Education, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Corporations (small and large), on-site and wide area, Small Business and Entertainment Industry. We carry both analog-conventional and digital-trunked equipment and systems to meet a wide variety of needs. We also provide assistance with FCC Licensing for new systems, renewals and compliance with the new FCC narrowbanding guidelines, which must be in place by 12/31/2012.

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Contact: Betsy Milcarek, VP & Sales Manager at 908-788-6050 or

To request free consultation by phone, call 908-788-6050.

Consultants are available Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST

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